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Hello, I’m Beth Beutler.

I've spent my career (over 30 years, but who's counting?) administrating, leading, managing, creating, inspiring, communicating, planning and more. I love running a business and putting my administrative, leadership, communication and creative skills to work. Most of my career has been in the small business or non-profit sector, with lots of online experience, positioning me to be a fitting help to professionals who want to pursue excellence.

I started H.O.P.E. Unlimited in 2005 and it has been the umbrella company under which I place my freelance writing/creative, speaking, and client work, with Helping Other People Excel as the motto. In the latter part of 2014, I narrowed the focus of H.O.P.E. Unlimited to virtual assistance with some business soft skills training, and narrowed our niche a bit to Helping Overwhelmed Professionals Excel and Exhale. In 2020, I further refined the vision with a focus on Helping Others Pursue Excellence, prompted by a desire to shift toward working with clients who have a reasonable sense of direction and commitment to growth in their life and work, but who still needed hands-on help, soft skills education, and/or personal growth facilitation to execute that vision of excellence.

My own journey of growth has been flavored by various factors including being an only child who is an achiever type.  After finishing high school as Valedictorian, I graduated from the University of Saint Joseph in May of 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and got married to Keith (also an only child) the following weekend. We had a son (also an only child) in 1991 and now enjoy empty nesting as he pursues a meaningful career in public service.  I began writing more regularly in 2005 when I published my first book, Time Management, Jesus' Way, and have been blogging and/or producing content for several years.

I'm a fast-paced IDSC personality that is also an ambivert, almost equally energized by connecting with people as by being left alone. I live the middle ground in a lot of areas, including environments I enjoy, activities I pursue, the way I think about things, and more. I guess you could say I'm eclectic, a dabbler, an explorer. Being a generalist is my specialty.

My soft skills descriptors and hard skills competencies include:

  • Excellent communication
  • Results-oriented
  • Self-directed
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pleasant demeanor
  • Dedicated team player
  • IDSC on DISC
  • StrengthsFinder Strengths:
    • Strategic
    • Activator
    • Communication
    • Arranger
    • Responsibility
    • Significance
    • Woo  (winning others over)
  • 87 WPM typing speed
  • Prove It Word ’07 test score: 93
  • Prove It PowerPoint ’07 test score: 93
  • Prove It Excel ’07 test score: 100
  • Business writing (published)
  • Editing/proofreading/basic graphic design
  • Project and event planning
  • Schedule management
  • Employee training and development
It was fun to be featured in FIRST for Women and  Women's World Magazines.
It was fun to be featured in FIRST for Women and Women's World Magazines.

The foundation of my life is based on my journey of being a devoted follower of Christ and the good news of the gospel--a lasting hope. It's not attached to a particular religion or denominational association, and I don't expect that our clients follow the same faith practice.  My beliefs affect the core values of how we operate, and I've been known to pray for clients (which they seem to appreciate.)

My hope is that what I and my team of independent contractors (who are also not required to practice the same beliefs) bring to your life and business are attitudes and actions which reflect the following:

    • Honesty: operating with ethics; giving truthful yet gracious feedback; not manipulating situations for our own benefit; doing what we say we will do when we say we will do it.
    • Organization: using efficient, streamlined systems to reduce the overwhelm in our client's lives.
    • Proactivity: seeking to collaborate with clients to improve their professional (or if applicable, personal) lives, not just do assigned tasks; making suggestions when appropriate; and keeping ahead of deadlines.
    • Engagement: being timely in responses; practicing appropriate warmth in dialog, and being a team player with a collaborative attitude.

      One of our clients honored me with this statement, "The HOPE family ties are deep."  We're trying to do and be something special here, and we'd love to welcome you to the family as a reader, student, client, sponsor, or friend.  Want to talk about it (or anything else mentioned here)? Reach out and let me know!
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