Hello, I’m Beth Beutler.

I’m a virtual assistant, consultant, author and speaker.

I help principle-centered yet overwhelmed professionals maximize their time, connect well with others, and take charge of their priorities so that they can excel and enjoy bringing hope and value to the world around them.

I’m an only child who is an achiever type. I graduated from University of Saint Joseph (in my day, Saint Joseph College) in May of 1987 and got married to Keith (also an only child) the following weekend. We had a son in 1991 (also an only child) and now enjoy empty nesting as he pursues a rewarding career. My own career has been spent primarily in non-profit or Christian-value based organizations, including two churches, and I began writing more regularly in 2005 when I published my first book, Time Management, Jesus’ Way.

Keith and Beth 410

I started H.O.P.E. Unlimited in 2005 and it has been the umbrella company under which I place my freelance writing, speaking, and client work. In October of 2015, I walked away from my last part-time job with an employer and put my full focus on H.O.P.E.

I’m a devoted follower of Christ and a fast-paced D/I personality that is about an equal blend of task/people orientation and introvert/extrovert–what is now known as an ambivert. I’ve had the opportunity to learn many different things and dabble in many experiences, and I enjoy learning. In the Strengths Finder assessment, my strengths are:

  • Communicator
  • Activator
  • Strategic
  • Significance
  • Woo (winning others over)

The combination of natural strengths and experiences combined with a continual journey of personal growth I have had make me adaptable and a connector, which allows me to encourage and equip others. My hope is that what I communicate to you–whether through my blog, my books, meetings or speaking engagements–will help you excel for the glory of God and encouragement of others.



Comment Policy: I love hearing your thoughts and input on what I write. Since I write about what I'm learning, observing and discerning, I'm sure we may disagree sometimes. Whether you agree or disagree with a viewpoint or suggestion from me or another person who comments, please post your thoughts in a way that keeps the dialog gracious. Thank you.

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