Happy Birthday America!

Since this is a week of “vacation mindset” in the United States, and we celebrate Independence Day on July 4, I am taking a break from providing any major content this week. Enjoy your week and I hope you will have some meaningful times of fellowship, celebration, and rest.



Announcing the Winners of Theme Month

And a Quick Note to the HOPE Family for May

Beth BeutlerHi everyone!

Calendar month is in the books and our winners are listed below! I hope you found the tips, articles, contest, freebie, etc. helpful to you. The “Conquer Your Calendar” Course will remain available with the new price of $49.00.

April was a very full month with content on the blog almost every day, longer than usual emails, and an unexpected personal twist for us (we’re fine) that is bringing a project/purchase to our lives that we hadn’t anticipated. (We hope THAT will be handled in time to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary later in the month.)

For many of YOU, May probably feels as busy as December, and your minds are yearning toward that summer breathing space.

So, I’ve decided that on the blog and my social media channels, I’m going to “go with the flow” and be less concerned about a publishing schedule or structure. It will be more of a  “May Mashup.” I’ll be posting a few helpful items here and there, many of which has already be created (or shared with me) in the past. You’ll still receive a digest through the typical Monday email if there has been material added to the blog during the prior seven days.

This will also give me a good opportunity to go deeper with some thinking/visioning I’ve been doing for the content portion of HOPE Unlimited…in other words, what the blog, social media platforms, and extended resources like books/courses should or shouldn’t look like for the immediate future.

Our world has SO MUCH INFORMATION out there now, that I don’t want material and products from us to just get lost in the noise and add to your feeling of overwhelm, or be too similar to other things you can find that there’s no need to duplicate efforts. I’ll be doing some praying and listening to discern what, if anything, HOPE should continue to provide in terms of regular content through blogging, social media, and fee-based content. And if inspiration hits me, I’ll still be writing and creating behind the scenes.

You can be a part of this if you like. I appreciate the feedback that several of you have provided through surveys, and if you have a strong feeling about what content you’d like to see from HOPE, (or if you don’t feel it’s necessary) please contact me with your thoughts.

I wish you all a pleasant May and if we can be of help to you, get in touch!  (And congrats to our winners, listed below!)


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Congrats to Our Winners!

$25 Surprise Gift Card: Paula K.

Calendar Lover’s Pack: Nancy D.

Coffee with Beth session: Beth L.

Thanks for participating!

2016 Reader Survey Results

Blog SurveyThank you to all that participated in the reader survey in the month of April. The feedback was helpful and I thought I’d share the results and my corresponding conclusions here, as a transition back into the regular educational blogging that will pick up again next Monday.

The following statistics are based on the feedback of the respondents and hopefully may also reflect the feelings of the general readership. I’m also including what I’m considering, based on the feedback and my schedule and thoughts.

How may times a month do you read the blog?

Nearly 60% read the blog posts everytime they come out with 20% reading it at least three times a month. Given that about 80% read it so consistently, I’m planning to continue blogging regularly.

What frequency of content is ideal for you?

While close to 60% like a weekly post, a significant number (33%) would welcome twice a month.  One mentioned that it depends on their workload at the time, which is understandable. This is interesting, and I am thinking that I might take one Monday a month to send something very simple or visual, particularly if it is the week the 5 on the 15th comes out.  I also conclude from this that there is no need to add something separate on a different day of the week, which I had originally tried as an experiment.

Rank the types of content in order of favorite type.

Here’s the order:

  • Blog Posts
  • Quick tips
  • 5 on 15th
  • Hope & Henry
  • Video

Hope & Henry and videos only took about 10% of the votes. This helps me see that this type of content is much less preferred than regular posts and tips. Thus, I’ve decided to table Hope & Henry. I still plan to do a video here and there, but may concentrate that type of thing into other resources like courses.

Do you read/interact with my material on social media?

A little over half of respondents admitted to “not much” interacting on social media. The other almost half do occasionally or even frequently. So it’s about 50/50 whether social media activity is that valuable to my business. I’ve got an active presence on several channels, and since nearly half of people do use it, I will continue to be active. I will be, however, giving thought to reducing the level of activity.  One thing I believe I will do is to put some blog posts directly onto Linked In more often, given the business audience there.

If someone asked what HOPE Unlimited is or what Beth Beutler does, what would you say?

This had interesting responses, includes “help keep us sane” and giving practical tips. The seasoning of faith seemed well appreciated. Notable is that only a few specifically mentioned my services as a Virtual Assistant. Since HOPE Unlimited has moved toward VA and Business Soft Skill education as our main focus, I am feeling the need to be more intentional in helping readers understand what we do to help overwhelmed professionals excel. However, with my faith being very important to me, I believe there will still be a noticeable flavoring of it in my resources and services.

Bonus: How does reading this blog affect your work and your overall life?

Most, if not all, respondents, decided to answer this bonus question, which I greatly appreciate. Some quotes:


Reading the blog helps me to slow down and focus on things that matter.

I appreciate the honesty and personal touch.

It is a weekly break to learn new things.

I feel supported in my efforts to be organized and effective in my business.

Gets my mind to think about my work in a more organized manner so I can do it and still be calm enough to look for Jesus along the way and be a blessing to others, too.

Perhaps the most touching feedback of all came from a professional who experienced a major loss in recent years, and was slowly gaining her passion for work again, finding organization to be her biggest issue. She thanked me for doing this and “caring about us.”

That brought tears to my eyes. This is the reason we work folks…not just to make a living, but to impact lives.

Thanks for letting me into your worlds.


I’m back…sort of

snorklineHello readers,

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was taking a blogging break during the month of April.

April has been a full month. I turned 50, and we took a birthday cruise, surprised by dear friends that showed up on the cruise itself! I spoke for an Administrative Professionals luncheon, and got booked for a few more training classes.

Honestly, I found it pretty challenging to “re-enter” the routine after vacation, and still don’t feel that I’ve quite fallen into a rhythm yet.  It’s great that business is on a positive trajectory, and it’s requiring wisdom to balance my responsibilities.  The wall of pollen we’ve returned to hasn’t been the most agreeable. (Ah the blessing of sea air!) I realized that April was coming to an end and I didn’t feel like I’d completely rested as I’d hoped.

So while the blog is technically back, I’m extending another week or two to myself before publishing regular educational content again.

I’ll pick up next Monday with a summary of the reader survey results, and the weekly post should resume after that!

In the meantime, thank you to those who took the survey, and if you didn’t get a chance, it’s still open for a few more days.



Friendly Reminder: 2016 Reader Survey

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