Monthly Membership – Virtual Executive Assistance and Soft Skills Strategist

Virtual Executive Assistance & Soft Skills Strategy All in One

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We welcome new member enrollments during the period of the 25th through 30th of each month, with service beginning on the first of the upcoming month.

If you would like to get started earlier, please contact us for one pro-rated invoice before enrolling in the auto-renew program. 

I agree to the policies of this package as currently presented.
I understand that this will be a recurring charge until I cancel

Your Benefits

  1. One Hour Responsive Service: One hour of hands-on VA service and/or soft skills strategy sessions anytime during the calendar month (in 15-minute increments as needed).
  2. Accountability:  If a workflow isn't already in place, you’ll receive regular communication from Beth or the assigned team member to make sure you have a plan for using the hour.
  3. Lowest Hourly Rate for up to five additional hours:  If you need additional time in a month, you can enjoy an approximately 20% discount on up to five more hours (no more than six total hours) - $31 per hour.
  4. Invoice Convenience/Random Minutes Rollover additional hours aren't invoiced until the next month.  Random minutes worked above one hour, but a quarter-hour or less will be rolled over into next month instead of invoiced.
  5. Give HOPE Fund Participation: a small portion of your membership fee will automatically be deferred into our Give HOPE Fund to bless others and help non-profit organizations.