Executive Assistant On Call Membership

YOU can have an assistant without a stressful financial or time committment!

busy professionals

We welcome new member enrollments during the period of the 25th through 30th of each month, with service beginning on the first of the upcoming month. If you would like to get started earlier, please contact us for one pro-rated invoice before enrolling in the auto-renew program. 

Executive VA On Call Automatic Membership Order
I agree to the policies of this package as currently presented.
I understand that this will be a recurring charge until I cancel.
I understand this includes a sponsorship of the Breath of Hope Collective.
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Your Benefits

  1. One Hour At-the-Ready: One hour of hands-on VA service and/or video strategy session(s) anytime during the calendar month.
  2. High Priority Status:  while we practice timeliness for all our clients, projects/tasks/messages from members are handled in a way that guarantees especially prompt turnaround.
  3. Proactive Productivity Prompters: You’ll receive a personal email from Beth during the first week of the month to check on potential tasks, strategy sessions or other forms of accountability you want for the month. You may also choose to have her schedule up to two additional prompters at no further charge.
  4. Lowest Hourly Rate for four additional hours: 10% off lowest advertised hourly rate for up to four additional hours per month. (Any hours beyond five are billed at highest advertised rate.)
  5. Invoice convenience: hours two through five (if needed) aren’t invoiced until the next month.
  6. Sponsor Status: You’ll be listed as a sponsor of our Breath of Hope Collective, a library of tools and resources for overwhelmed professionals of any income level. and be regularly mentioned in our network.
  7. Give HOPE Fund Participation: a small portion of your package will automatically be deferred into our Give HOPE Fund to bless others.