Executive Virtual Assistance – Plus and Premier Retainers

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Executive-level virtual assistance is offered in a unique, flexible and collaborative approach.

We have a team of well qualified, ethical, and pleasant virtual assistants led by Beth Beutler, who will be your primary contact and will coordinate your administrative support. (To learn more about Beth and her 30+ years of administrative experience, click here.)

Beth is always the primary VA for our clients. As a relationship is built and expectations are honed, Beth identifies tasks that other independent contractors on the team are equipped to handle and are interested in/available to take on. These tasks are often done behind the scenes, but often with your awareness that a teammate is now playing a role in your support.  If you need specialized services, she coordinates communication and projects with, and for, you. This builds collaboration into your business model without your having to recruit, train, or even directly interact with more individuals than you would like to.  In some cases, Beth and the subcontractor share responsibilities in a way that make it appropriate for you to meet the contractor. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.


Executive Virtual Assistant Retainer Packages
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