12 Months of Freebies and Features!

Every month, we provide links to some free resources as well as information about other services. Help yourself to the current month's freebies and any from past year as well!


October 2019

Freebie: Giving Notice to My Notifications

Hope Hints for October

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September 2019

Freebie: Three Things That Will Improve Each of My Days

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August 2019

Freebie: 31 Tips for August

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July 2019

Freebie: Workspace Evaluation Exercise

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June 2019

Worksheet: Four Essential Elements to a Productive Day at Work

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May 2019

Tip Sheet: 31 Tips and Hints

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April 2019

Activity: Discussion Prompter Cards

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March 2019

Activity: Workplace Scavenger Hunt

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winter heart

February 2019

Personal Reflection Guide: What I Love About Me

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January 2019

Worksheet: A Different Way to Set Goals

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Pine and candle

December 2018

Coloring Page: Life is a Gift of Hope

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autumn reflection

November 2018

Personal Reflection Guide: Grumpy or Grateful

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