From time to time, people ask if I provide help or guidance to those who would like to get started as a Virtual Assistant. Some are intrigued by the line of work, might have seen when I was featured in FIRST for Women magazine, or have heard of H.O.P.E. Unlimited from another source.

While I don't officially coach potential VAs, I am willing to give a free 30-minute strategy session AFTER the interested party reads a book I recommend (and the 10 tips below.) 

The Bootstrap VA is a comprehensive guide to what it takes to establish a healthy, functioning business as a virtual assistant, and by purchasing it, gives you access to a very large Facebook group of those in the VA business. You can order the book through the Amazon image to the right* and get started reading to see if this industry is for you!

After you've completed reading, if you wish to have a strategy session, contact me! And if you are an already-established VA with an interest in possible work in the future, you can visit this page so we are aware of your availability and skill set.

*I am not affiliated with the book other than owning it and being part of the Facebook group. However, if you purchase through me, Amazon will provide a small commission.

It was fun to be featured in FIRST for Women Magazine.

You Might Make a Good Virtual Assistant If...

  • You don't mind working alone.
  • You have self-discipline.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You are willing to keep learning.
  • You are patient...clients can be hard to come by.
  • You have attention to detail.
  • You are willing to keep treat your work like a business and keep good business records.
  • You have the equipment and services you need to work efficiently and quickly.
  • You understand that what you charge needs to cover your overhead, self-employment taxes AND your salary.