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Like patrons of the arts of old, HOPE Patrons are individuals and/or businesses that believe in the resources we offer to overwhelmed professionals (i.e. blog posts, videos, and other free content), and show appreciation and support through financial gifts.



What do HOPE Patrons receive?

  • Downloadable badge for your website or social media feeds indicating your support
  • Exclusive emails with extra tips, insights and personal updates, once a month
  • Free access to one course of your choice at HOPE Academy
  • Listing (with URL if desired) on our Patron Page
  • Automatic participation in the Give HOPE Fund (a portion of the financial gift is deferred into this fund.)
  • Occasional mention in our social media networks

Is this sponsorship/advertising?

Not exactly. We will keep a list of HOPE Patrons on our website and regularly share it.  We also reserve the right to mention a business in a blog post if appropriate. But a HOPE Patron is not entering any type of formal advertising or sponsorship on the blog. If you are interested in sponsoring in a more specific way, please contact Beth.

How do I get started?

Choose a level of involvement from the choices below. THANK YOU!

  • Bronze: one time or occasional gift of $5
  • Silver: one time or occasional gift of $10
  • Gold: one time or occasional gift of $20
  • Platinum: $5 a month recurring gift OR a one time/occasional gift of $25 or more.
  • For each $5 through Pay Pal, we receive approximately $4 after fees and a portion to the Give HOPE fund.
  • Checks to HOPE Unlimited, PO Box 80424, Simpsonville, SC 29680 are welcome. Please note “HOPE Patron” in the memo. (Checks allow us to avoid online processing fees, but we offer online as a convenience to our subscribers.)
  • Note: if you’d like to give a different amount than the options below, you can send a check for the amount you wish and you’ll be listed in the appropriate category.

Patron gifts are not tax-deductible.

Recurring Subscription
Choice of listing on HOPE Patron Page.
You can mention/tag me on social media.
Add me to the exclusive HOPE Patrons Email list


Patron Levels
You can add me to the HOPE Helpers page on your website.
You can mention/tag me on social media.
Add me to the exclusive HOPE Patron Email List