Under the active guidance and participation of Beth Beutler, HOPE Unlimited Helps Overwhelmed Professionals Excel & Exhale through virtual executive assistance, specialty assistance (such as graphic design and bookkeeping) and soft skills strategies.

Our virtual Executive Assistant services include:

  • Virtual Executive Assistant Easy Start (required for all potential clients except those using Quick-win Admin)
  • Straight Time Virtual Executive Assistant (after participation in Easy Start; $40 per hour as needed; best for those who need professional help from time to time but don't want to commit to a permanent plan and have projects that will take one hour or more.
  • Virtual Executive Assistant Monthly Subscriptions (after participation in Easy Start; best for those who need under 5 hours a month or a  flat-rate option)
  • Virtual Executive Assistant 10/20 hour retainers (after participation in Easy Start; best for those who need 5+ hours a month)
  • Quick-win Admin - Pay what you like for a one time or occasional task that will take one hour or less, such as a strategy session, document review, or research. No prior business relationship is necessary.

We also offer specialty services such as graphic design, long-form editing, and bookkeeping. Click here for details.

All of the above include some soft skills strategy as it naturally flows into EA service.

For those wanting more intentional soft skills resources, we offer: 


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