Social Media Strategy


Audrey headshotWithin our HOPE Collective are virtual specialists equipped to focus on certain key services for your business that go beyond the scope of Executive VA support, or that would go hand-in-hand with our general support to take elements of your business to the next level.

One of these is social media strategy. Social media is such a key part of an overall marketing and platform philosophy, and we are delighted to have Audrey Christie McLaughlin in our collective as a specialist. Yep, you may have heard of her on a National scale discussing marketing as a service and packaging your passion from places like, Inc. Magazine,, Physicians Practice UBM Media, Kareo, ReachMD (on iHeartRadio), Success Magazine…well you probably get the picture.


Social Media Strategist Services

First Step Social Media Briefing

Audrey will take a look at your major social media channels, and prepare a briefing of her observations and initial thoughts about what looks great and what could use some improvement. You'll receive a video to watch at your convenience.

Fee: none, but this is a required first step for any new clients before other services can be purchased.

30-Minute Overview Consultation

Audrey will meet with you by phone or video call to to do a more detailed overview of your social media presence, and discuss possible next steps that would help your social media efforts become more successful.

Fee:   $60, pre-paid before scheduling of the consult

One Time Custom Strategy Mapping Session

A deeper dive than the 30 minute overview, Audrey will help you map out a detailed strategy unique to you and your business, incorporating information from your briefing and/or overview consult if you've had those.  This is a good fit for those who will handle ongoing implementation on their own, or who will use our  EVA team services for updating social media sites regularly, but need more detailed initial guidance.

Fee: a customized estimate will be provided to you with payment expected prior to scheduling.

As-Needed Social Media Success Coaching

The perfect fit for a client who already has a strong relationship with a Virtual Assistant who is ready and willing to implement a fluid strategic plan. Includes a one-hour coaching meeting and practical task list for your assistant, customized based on your analytics and trends.

These sessions can be scheduled as needed, although we recommend at least one per quarter.

Fee: $175 per meeting, invoiced and to be paid prior to the session.

(If you don't have a general VA, we can help with that, too!)

Ready for a Hands On Social Media Specialist? Audrey becomes your social media specialist, handling it according to the level you choose below. We require a three-month minimum commitment due to the fact that it takes ongoing cultivation to begin to see results change from social media efforts. You can choose whatever level you want for certain months. For example, if a client has a product launch and wants extra service for the time surrounding the launch, we have been happy to customize the monthly billing accordingly.

Hands On Specialist: Bronze

Monitoring of stats, scheduling of content each week, check-ins 3x per week on social media channels or grouped together, minimum re-engagement; mini strategy sessions as needed via email or quick calls

Fee: $350/month, prepaid  for month to come.

Hands On Specialist: Silver

Strategy check in per quarter, monitoring of stats, scheduling of content each week, check-ins 5x per week on social media channels, minimum re-engagement.

Fee: $500/month, prepaid for month to come.

Hands On Specialist: Gold

Strategy per quarter, monitoring of stats, scheduling of content each week, check-ins min of 1x per day on social media channels, effective re-engagement, some content and graphic creation, a done-for-you approach.

Fee: $750/month, prepaid for month to come