Soft Skill Strategist Services

Soft Skill Strategy Sessions


When it comes to business soft skills (the combination of non-tangible skills that help you work well with yourself and others) Beth can be described as a mix of trainer, consultant, coach and encourager. Thus she calls herself a strategist, because she helps professionals develop a customized plan of action for their goal of improving these skills.

If you feel that hands-on executive assistance would complement your professional development in soft skills, our monthly membership package is probably best for you

However, if you want to focus entirely on soft-skill development, you can enjoy one free 30-minute strategy session to get to know Beth. From there, the two of you will determine a custom plan of additional 30-minute sessions, with a pre-purchase requirement of three at a time to be used within the agreed-upon time.  Contact Beth to craft a customized plan and priced package for your needs (also available to teams.)


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