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Online Courses

Visit my online courses on a variety of topics to help you overcome overwhelm. Most are short–designed to be done in a lunch hour or over a few coffee breaks.

Business Soft Skills TrainingBeutler-3201(edit)

I offer training in various business soft skills such as leadership, team building, communications, presentation skills, time management, and more.  Full day (or more) business soft skills training classes using industry-proven course curriculum can be arranged through CCT Business Training (who I am affiliated with as a contract trainer. Please request me.)

I also am available for speaking engagements using material I have developed myself, or can customize a topic for your group.  As a person of faith with many years of experience with non-profit organizations, I am also available to speak on topics appropriate for faith-based organizations. See below for more information.

Lunch and Learns

I offer succinct and high-impact one-hour lunch and learn workshops on location for businesses in the Upstate of South Carolina that want to invest in their employees without taking up a full day of training.  For more details and pricing, click here.

Speaking Engagements

Planning a speaking engagement involves a lot of creativity and effort–good for you for taking it on and thanks for considering me to participate! Before you get too far into the planning process, you’ll benefit from reading this post, Seven Considerations When Booking a Speaker.

I am known as a creative communicator who believes that seminars, workshops and classes should be fun and practical. I’ve spoken to several groups around the country in addition to having led women’s Bible and book studies in upstate South Carolina both live and in email format. My presentations are energetic and practical, and can be adapted to a variety of events or audiences both faith-based or non-religious. I can help  you get the results you want out of your event.

Available topics include:

  • Communication Skills for Professionals
  • Getting Along with Your CoWorkers
  • Time Management and Prioritizing Skills
  • Organizing from the Heart (can be co-led with other authors of the book)
  • Time Management, Jesus’ Way
  • Practicing a Sabbath Mindset
  • You CAN Speak in Public Without Dying

Please visit my YouTube page to get a sense of my speaking style.

Want to talk more? The first step is for you to fill out the form below. I’ll compare your needs with my planning guidelines and return a proposal for fees and other particulars. I generally like to keep it simple for event planners and take care of many of my own arrangements, providing a simple invoice that covers all particulars.

Some things you should know:

  • I generally do not use PowerPoint except for training workshops.  Therefore, if PowerPoint is going to be used, the host is responsible to provide the correct technology for me to project the slides. I carry a jump drive and clicker but do not have a laptop/projector to bring for that purpose.
  • I am often accompanied by an assisting companion–my spouse or a friend–particularly when traveling outside the upstate of South Carolina. This companion helps with my presentation as needed, photographs parts of the event for my marketing purposes, helps with my display table and other travel particulars, and provides a way for me to avoid traveling alone. His/her presence helps me be able to focus on participants and their questions rather than being at my display/sales table. I will be sure to confirm whether a companion will be accompanying me.
  • Except for North and South Carolina events where I usually bring tangible books to sell, I prefer to have a display table where we encourage online orders at the event (my assisting companion would help with this). I provide a discount off the speaking invoice for organizations who purchase books for their registrants ahead of time. (You can purchase books at a reduced price and sell them for an amount of your choice if you like.)
  • My fee proposal will be for one all-inclusive fee, to keep it simple for the host and me. I will take care of any non-provided expenses for me (and if appropriate, my assisting companion) out of that fee. Any discount for pre-ordered books would be applied to that speaking invoice.
  • I determine my fees using a confidential matrix that takes into consideration many factors including anticipated attendance and type of presentation. However, to give you an idea, the fee for a small local event (or series of classes/workshops) starts at $200 and can increase substantially based on the travel and preparation/customization required.
  • I require 1/2 of the invoice as a deposit when the date is secured and the remaining 1/2 at the event itself. Deposits are non-refundable except if I have a situation come up where I have no choice but to cancel. This would be extremely rare.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you!


Beth’s expert knowledge of different personality types allows her to communicate effectively to a varied audience. Additionally, she possesses the skill sets necessary to share her knowledge with others in a way that helps them enhance their personal or professional lives through better overall communication. – Stephanie Baker, Counselor and Master Christian Life Coach, Life In Abundance

Beth’s presentation  was  beyond what I was expecting. Not only did she give us great organizational tips for the work place, but for our home and daily lives, too. I strongly  recommend Beth as a presenter at your workshop or conference. We can all use a little peace and calmness in our lives!   ~ Carol Fink, Office Administrator

I have known Beth as a friend and a partner in several endeavors for the past several years. She has invested in my growth as she has recognized strengths in me that she was willing to bring to light in projects of her own. She has also encouraged me to use those strengths with my own projects and has introduced me to people that have had an impact on my working toward certain goals. In doing that, it brings to light one of her gifts. She helps people understand that they have something important to offer,  and she is willing to use her vast knowledge of many subjects and her connections with many in different areas of expertise to help someone realize their own goals.  Beth has had the opportunity to speak at a variety of events across the United States. She makes sure to know her audience. She is then able to clearly and concisely communicate her message so that each participant leaves feeling that they have a good grasp on the topic covered at that event. It is my privilege to know someone that is eager to see me succeed and brings her gifts to bear to be part of that success. ~ Karina Whisnant, co-author, Organizing From the Heart

Beth is an awesome speaker and she kept the audience engaged. Beth shared many good ideas on organization. She is a very flexible, humble and just down to earth Christian individual. ~ Roger Curtis Iowa District West, Ministry Assistant Conference

In all sincerity, thank you for your willingness to speak during “Family First” yesterday. As always, you were full of helpful tips, practical information, and–of course–able to fully engage the group. We couldn’t ask for more! ~ Legette Shirley, volunteer, First Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC

Beth’s an excellent quick tip source and encourager on a variety of topics including health and fitness, finances, organization, business etiquette, and more. I’m amazed at her ability to network with such keen diversity due to her friendly and welcoming communicative style. ~ Barbara Seibel, Ministry Assistant, First Presbyterian Church, Greenville.

I had the honor of first getting to know Beth personally, and then booking her as the keynote speaker at a training seminar for administrative assistants. The seminar, strangely enough, was held on 9/11/2001, the day of the tragic World Trade Center bombing. In spite of the distractions and heavy hearts of all 85 of us, Beth was professional, warm and heartfelt in her leadership that day. I truly saw what she was made of, not only in the content she had prepared, but in the way she cared for others emotionally while still managing to cover the material she had been asked to teach. Beth is a people-person who understands the balance between effective task management and pastoral concern for the people with whom she works. I found her to be quite inspirational, and her practical tips and life experience were very helpful to the group! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her in a training and consulting role, for anyone who needs both an administrative tune-up and a reminder that people matter. ~ McLauren Foster, Former Worship/Arts Pastor, Belmont Church, Nashville TN

The most inspiring, well-organized life management workshop I’ve ever experienced! ~ Kit A., Ninety Six, SC

Best workshop of the conference!” “Beth Beutler runs an excellent class that helped me look at myself in a whole new way!” ~NACBA Conference Attendees, Seattle

“She’s very good. Topic important. Need a bigger room!” “Extremely timely message for my life today – speaker was exceptionally gifted. Thanks! ~Association of Christian Schools International Conference attendees, Greensboro, NC



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