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We are #Helpingpros 

Do you identify with any of these?

  • I wish I could off-load this one tedious weekly task.
  • I’d like to talk over my workflow with an efficient person and make some adjustments to my systems.
  • I wish I could have a team like the big-wig entrepreneurs do, but I just can’t afford that.
  • I need someone to handle this while I’m on vacation. (Or, I want to get past this one big project!) I wish I could hire someone short term.
  • It would be wonderful to have a qualified team to call on without having to hire permanent staff.

I’ve got good news for you.

HOPE Unlimited can give you that breathing space and provide the support you need to take your business in the direction of your vision. We Help Overwhelmed Professionals Excel using a a unique approach to virtual assistance and support.

In the VA world, there are usually two models. One is that you find a VA to be a “right-hand.” You find him/her either through word of mouth or individual postings, or an established virtual services company. Or you take on a number of freelancers, each specializing in one type of work you need done. You may do this by contracting through a service like Fiverr, for example, or through making individual connections.

With HOPE Unlimited, you have access to a collective of skilled, ethical and professional providers who can help you build a team without recruiting each member on your own. I am the Founder and CEO and have an extensive background in administration and office/team management with experience in team building, event planning, social media and more. As a published author with a number of writing credits, and a business soft skills trainer/speaker, you can be sure my communication skills are strong.

With over 30 years of experience, I’ve made solid connections with high quality, talented, independent contractors and business owners. The synergy of my experience and skills combined with the expertise of these colleagues forms an effective “collective” that provides you the benefit of hiring a team without the headaches of managing one–especially if you don’t need, or have the budget for, permanent part-time or full-time employees.  (It may interest you to know that the typical client of HOPE Unlimited utilizes us no more than 5-7 hours a week, and often 2 hours or less.)

Our clients enjoy the benefits of our strengths in creativity, implementation, communication, encouragement and administrative common sense–with a key element: simplicity. HOPE Unlimited becomes your hub of excellent support in three areas:

Collaborative Virtual Assistance

  • We take care of  a variety of administrative tasks that can be batched in blocks of time (15 minutes or more) such as scheduling, basic social media content management, email screening, team/project coordination, blog updating, basic WordPress updating/correcting,  email marketing, simple graphic design, research, and more. (See an extensive list below.)
  • Our services are handled through pre-purchased retainer packages.
  • An important note: We feel there is a difference between an Executive Assistant and collaborative virtual assistance. While we provide an executive level of skill, interaction and experience, our model is to provide support in batches of time that we schedule to help us meet the deadlines of each of our clients, and your support may regularly include the service of more than one member of our team. We aim to be responsive, and you will build a relationship with team members helping with your projects. However, if you need or prefer an Executive Assistant (one consistently available “right-hand” during business hours) we may be able to help you most by making a referral. During your free consultation, we can help you determine if an EA relationship is truly necessary to your way of working (sometimes, it is.) Often however, our model can provide the help you need with the benefit of access to more than one pro in your corner. We’re here to help you determine what’s best for you.

Specialized Support Services

All of the following services are offered with an invoicing system. Clients are billed as applicable. Contact Beth to discuss pricing.

  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy and Engagement
  • Website Quality Control and Routine Review
  • Bookkeeping
  • Audio/Visual Production
  • Coffee Conversations:  Consultations with me that encourage and equip you on your self-management/professional journey

Conscientious Connections Partnerships

I have collaborative relationships with a number of independent service providers who I believe would provide excellent service in areas of business support that are beyond the scope of our independent contractors. If you are looking for help in any of these areas, please contact me  to share you areas of need or interest. I will provide an email introduction between you and the service provider, from which you can independently proceed with that provider.

  • Public Relations/Marketing/Business Development
  • Tax Preparation
  • Fractional Chief Financial Officer
  • Fractional Chief Growth Officer
  • Web Design/Hosting/IT Services
  • Thought Leadership Writing Coaching, Editing and Ghostwriting
  • Commissioned Faith-Based Writing (i.e. for ministry use.)
  • Executive/Leadership and Life Coaching
  • New Kajabi Website Development
  • AirBnB Listing Developer/Specialist

Here are some of the tasks our team and/or strategic partners are able to do for you:

  • screening email and voice mails**
  • preparing correspondence
  • composing/formatting email newsletters (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact)
  • updating content on social media networks, websites and blogs
  • creating social media post images (i.e. with quotes from your blog or other work)  and other basic graphic design pieces. (See portfolio here.)
  • maintaining calendars
  • scheduling appointments** and making travel arrangements
  • assisting with planning events, handling registration, name tags, etc.
  • placing orders
  • proofreading and editing to polish your work (i.e. for blog posts or other projects)
  • drafting/repurposing blog posts, email response templates and other content
  • preparing slide presentations
  • providing systems/productivity coaching/consulting (i.e. to help you create workflows that work for you!)
  • advise/assist on self-publishing projects using Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing
  • manuscript editing/proofreading
  • basic financial transactions such as writing checks, logging transactions into a bookkeeping system, purchasing supplies, etc.
  • project coordination
  • research
  • co-hosting podcasts or events
  • Preparing and distributing press releases to over 5000 media contacts
  • Advanced graphic design for brochures, media kits and more
  • Website development and hosting; minor IT support
  • Advanced QuickBooks/bookkeeping functions
  • Tax preparation and advice
  • Executive/Life coaching
  • Batched phone support*

*Due to our support of several clients and our need to batch work, we tend to limit phone work to tasks that can be done in batches. We are not able to take on the responsibility of immediate answering or call backs at random times throughout the day.

I have even more details here for current and potential clients and here is our price list.

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Still not sure? Read  what others are saying:

Beth is amazing. She reads, synthesizes, and summarizes my work so that it can be shared with others. She manages and publishes my newsletter and makes sure it is distributed through social media channels. If it weren’t for her excellent work, far fewer people would have been engaged. She’s made my life easier and my work more robust. Thank you, Beth! – Shelley Row, International speaker, professional engineer, leadership expert

Thank you for all you have done to understand, support and assist. You have given me a beautiful taste of virtual assistance and helped bring it to a new level. I look forward to working with you again. – Debra Alt, Musician/Writer 

I appreciate Beth Beutler’s friendly, resourceful way of collaborating and problem solving. I can always count on H.O.P.E. Unlimited to effectively accomplish every task I assign, and to persevere in checking in regularly to offer assistance. – Arthur Dodge,, LLC

Beth has provided me with efficient and excellent virtual assistant services. So, I decided her step-by-step instructions for cleaning out my email in-box were worth a shot.  The directions were simple and easy-to-follow, resulting in a remarkable change to my overwhelming email in-box.  It’s finally manageable.  I plan to keep these instructions handy to incorporate this process into my regular weekly review to help keep my email in-box under control. – Jon Verbeck

I highly recommend Beth Beutler, if you are looking for someone to help take your business to the next level.  We used Beth for the past two years to plan and coordinate client appreciation dinners and events for our company.  She was in charge of all planning details and always did a fantastic job for us.  Her attention to detail and follow up was great and freed up the staff to concentrate on their specific areas of work.  She also took on the responsibility of developing a systematized contact schedule that has allowed us to stay in touch with our clients and set up yearly review meetings. One final task that she helped us develop was social media.  Before Beth, we had no social media presence besides a static web page.  She helped us set up Facebook, Twitter, and worked with our staff to develop a more interactive web site. Beth is well organized and task oriented, plus always took the initiative to do the “extra” things around the office that others often put off doing.  She has the heart of a servant and was a great complement to our Team! ~ Roger C. Sims, President, Sims & Karr Financial Solutions

My partner and I were in the start up phase of our new distribution and sales company.  We knew what we wanted to convey, but just didn’t know how to say it.  We were introduced to Beth through a business associate.  Beth took the time to meet with us, understand our business model, then went to work on helping us to craft our message.  She was a quick study and had the uncanny ability to get into our heads to understand the message we were wanting to convey.  She was quick and timely with her work and helped to keep us on task.  Whether you are looking for help with a new business start up plan, business messaging, blogging or writing of any sort, I would highly recommend that you give Beth a call. ~Pressley Stutts

What a lifesaver with HOPE Unlimited has been with the services she provides with virtual assistance. As a business owner it’s hard to sometimes let go and even harder to take a vacation when you’re in the fast moving world of a start-up. Family time is important to me and as a result of the expertise and quality of service provided by Beth I was able to enjoy a week of vacation this year.  Beth did terrific work in responding to a diverse group of people that sometimes can throw you some real curve balls. I would highly recommend Beth for your virtual or on-site needs and look forward to working with her again in the future! Beth will make you look good and allow you an opportunity to focus on what’s important to you and/or your business.  – Daniel Madison, 4M Property Solutions.

I cannot hand out enough accolades to Beth Beutler for the tremendous job she did in helping bring my recent book “ONE-ON-ONE For Husbands” to press. She took personal interest as well as seeking other professional assistance to make all come to fruition. The final product was exquisite, as I and others are already being blessed. I highly recommend her quality of work, professionalism and expertise, to any and all.” – Lee Moseley, President, One-on-One Ministries Inc.

I would highly recommend Beth Beutler for all of your clerical and personal assistant needs! She worked for me for many years and was very professional, helpful, and thoughtful. She is also very creative and will be attentive to any and all of your special needs. I’ve had lots of helpers over the years and she’s at the “top of my list”!  – Steve Keyes, Founding Pastor, City Church / Company Pastor, Jeff Lynch Appliances.

Beth Beutler was a delight to work with.  She was very informative, thorough, and was a wonderful liasion between our business and the businesses who hired us for photography needs.  She was able to properly communicate the needs and wants of her clients to our studio which made our job easier during the entire process.  We would highly recommend Beth in the future.” – Phil Hyman Photography, Greenville, SC

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