Hope in action

Our Q3 Hope In Action Initiative is:


In cooperation with Bed Bikes and Beyond AirBnB, we're hosting a special event on Friday, September 28, 2018 to cut out denim for shoemakers to assemble in Uganda. You can:


  • attend the party, or
  • donate denim, or
  • help pay for materials for a pair of shoes to be shipped!
Eventbrite - Sole Hope Shoe Party

Suggested initiatives should tie in with one of our Breath of Hope Collective theme areas:

  • Habits & Values
  • Organization & Time Management
  • People skills & Emotional Intelligence
  • Email & Communication skills.

Thus, it is likely that initiatives related to helping others in their professional lives, or that tie in with administrative service, will be considered with more priority than other causes. Thank you!

shoe party 1

HOPE IN ACTION 2018 Q2 Report

Our thanks to those who participated in Hope in Action Q2, submitting tips to share on our social media networks. With the tips we received, added to tips we already have, we essentially reached our goal of 25 tips. These have been worked into our recurring library of social media posts. You can see all the tips here.  This HIA project will remain an ongoing initiative.

HOPE IN ACTION 2018 Q1 Report

Our thanks to those who participated in Hope in Action Q1, coloring encouragement cards for military wives. Approximately 20 cards were included in planners being given to incoming volunteers on the board of Protestant Women of the Chapel.