Hope In Action

Our Current Hope In Action Initiative is:

Encouragement cards for military wives serving the PWOC of Fort Gordon, GA.

Deadline: postmark by March 21, 2018.  Cards will be mailed out to participants starting the week of February 18, 2018.

Task: Request one or more of these small coloring cards and mail them to the coordinating team member, postmarked by March 21, 2018. H.O.P.E. Unlimited will provide the card(s) and a SASE for you to mail when they are finished. The cards will be inserted randomly into planners being gifted to incoming board members.

Goal: at least 20 cards, one each for 20 planners. If we receive more, we will add more to each planner.

Corresponding theme:  Organization and Time Management

Connection: Hillary, on our team writes:

When I moved to my first duty station I knew no one. I saw an ad at a gym about volunteering with a kids program and the woman invited me to "PWOC." What's that?? "Protestant Women of the Chapel." Yeah it didn't sound like ANYTHING I wanted to do with, sounded old and stuffy and boring. I went and immediately found laughter, food, a band, people who were new and old to Bible studies, and opportunities to really connect each week. I found they will bring meals to new moms, will literally snatch your kids up if you have an emergency and your husband is deployed, and throw soup and Gatorade on your porch if you get sick. Now the first thing I look for when we move is that post's PWOC! I'm VP of programs this year... Ours at Ft Gordon is having a tough time with getting resources this year, and I wanted to provide the new board with a special gift of personalized planners to help them make the best of everything. They start at the end of our Spring semester. It would be a wonderful surprise to know there are people all over supporting the families that are serving /have served! - Hillary

Coloring cards

Suggested initiatives should tie in with one of our Breath of Hope Collective theme areas:

  • Habits & Values
  • Organization & Time Management
  • People skills & Emotional Intelligence
  • Email & Communication skills.

Thus, it is likely that initiatives related to helping others in their professional lives, or that tie in with administrative service, will be considered with more priority than other causes. Thank you!

Hope in action